At Home

Organizing, downsizing and 

preserving your past.

Spaghetti and Wine

On the Table

Cooking for two or less

and spicing things up!


In the World

Rediscovering you in a world without "work." Volunteering, hobbies & more!

Hi, I'm Phyllis, and I'm so happy that you have found my blog.

I look forward to celebrating and sharing  life in retirement.

Taking the step into retirement is an  exciting but often scary time in one's life.

Things are changing, not only in your work life but in your  personal life too—

right down to the spaces you call  home and even what you serve on your dinner  table.

You are finding new ways to share your talents and interact with your world, and my

blog is here to help you  navigate this new phase through helpful posts and conversations.

Welcome. I look forward to meeting you all.