• Phyllis Prestamo

A is For Apple - Autumn Apple Recipes

Every year our family looks forward to the fall and apple season. In New Jersey apple season is from early September until late October. Certain apples mature at different times of the fall and each are used for different purposes. My favorite for baking pies are called Stayman Winesaps and are the latest ripening apples so we always wait until almost November to venture out. Now that everything is online, your local Apple Farm lists the apples and other crops that are ripe for picking and this year instructions for picking due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Follow the links below to my family's favorite recipes, the ones I am "expected" to make each year. And even if you get your apples at the supermarket, you are sure to enjoy these recipes.

Old Fashioned Apple Sauce and Apple Butter

Apple Crisp

Irish Apple Cake with Custard Sauce

Apple Cranberry Sauce

Grandma's Apple Pie

Both the apple picking and the apple goodies have become a tradition in our family making the fall a very special time!

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