• Phyllis Prestamo

It's All About the Rice - Instant Pot Basics

One of the best features of the Instant Pot has been using it to make rice. Rice is one of my go to starches and often like brown rice takes long to cook on the stove top. Rice cooked in the Instant Pot produces fluffy rice cooked to the perfect doneness.

All rice is cooked on a 1:1 ratio - water to rice. If rice is too mushy or still hard, the thing to adjust is the time not the amount of liquid. Rice is also best if left to full slow pressure release (usually about 10 minutes). Warning: The Rice Button on your Instant Pot is for White rice only. You may be tempted to increase the time so you can do a quick pressure release, but this usually creates mushy, sticky rice.

Here is a list of different kinds of rices and their cook times:

White Rice – Basmati & Jasmine 4 minutes

Short Grain Brown Rice 22 minutes

Red Rice 30 minutes

Mixed Rice 28 minutes

My favorite brand of rice is Lundberg Farms especially their short grained brown rice and the mixed rice.

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