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London - A 6-Day Sightseeing Itinerary

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Want to visit all the "must see" attractions in London? This is the itinerary for you.

This itinerary is organized by location with each day bringing you to a tourist worthy area of the city. Touring this way avoids zigzagging the city and wasting valuable time getting from place to place. Once you Tube/Bus to the area, all attractions are a walking distance apart. We arrived on a Monday morning and after lunch went on the Hop Off-Hop On bus in the afternoon. We did not Hop Off however and just took in the city as it made its loop. We purchased a 6-day London Pass and an accompanying Travel Oyster Card. For this itinerary, purchasing the London Pass saved £68.35 for each adult versus purchasing individual tickets. To purchase your London Pass click here.

Day 1 – Royalty

Buckingham Place – Changing of the Guard (≈ 11:00 May-July daily and Aug-April every other day) Arrive up to one hour before to get a good viewing spot. Visit the Home page for the Changing of the Guard for a monthly schedule and listing of special events , and regiments and bands on duty.


Big Ben (the big bell)/ Parliament (available when in session)/ Churchill War Rooms ( a must see)

Westminster Abbey, where England's kings and queens have been crowned and buried since 1066. Be sure to take in the Choral Evensong @5:00 pm

Day 2 – Along the Thames

Tower of London - Entertaining Beefeater tour should not be missed.

Tower Bridge - Often mistaken as London Bridge, tour the bridge and its hydraulic workings.


Thames River Cruise - Relax in one of the boats that travel down the Thames. Regularly scheduled tours start at Westminster Pier and Waterloo Pier. www.citycruises.com

Day 3 - From Old to New

St. Paul’s Cathedral/St. Dunston

Millennium Bridge - Crossing the Thames


Shakespeare’s Globe Theater - Theater/Museum Tour

Tate Modern - Monet, Matisse, Dali, Picasso & Warhol just to mention the biggies.

The Shard - A view of the City

Day 4

Trafalgar Square (pick up some tickets for a show at Leicester Square while you are in the area)

National Gallery - Art History at its best


Covent Garden - Enjoy the licensed street performers or cruise the market.

West End Walk - Do your own or follow Rick Steves West End Walking Tour in the Rick Steves Pocket London.

Day 5 (This was a Saturday for us when all the markets are open)

Notting Hill - Victorian architecture and picturesque pubs. Get there early for a delicious breakfast.

Portobello Market - Famous for its many vendors. The market is not open on Sundays.


Kensington Palace/Gardens - for almost 150 years (1689-1837), Kensington Palace was the royal residence.

Victoria & Albert Museum - The worlds top collection of decorative arts - don't miss the exhibit "underwear through the ages".

Day 6

British Museum - Tour the artifacts of the ancient world from Egypt to Greece and all of the cultures in between.


British Library - May seem odd to visit a library on vacation, but here you can view Ancient Bibles, the notebooks of Leonardo DaVinci, the works of William Shakespeare, the Magna Carta and the original manuscripts of The Beatles.

Staying in a VRBO flat, we usually ate breakfast before heading out, but

always ate lunch along the way. Dinner was usually out at a pub or restaurant. Want to take advantage of everything London has to offer? This six-day itinerary will definitely get you there.

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