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So What Do I Do Now?

At the end of this month, I will have been retired for one year. It actually went very fast and it took me awhile to list the things I have been able to accomplish and it seems I have adjusted well. Many people however approach retirement with worry over what they will be doing and how they will fill their days. Establishing oneself outside the work place can be very daunting for some. As mentioned in a previous post, Newly Retired - Life Needs Structure, the absence of structure and suddenly being in charge of your time can be a challenge. It can feel very strange without a place to go and a schedule to follow.

Retirement can be very different things for very different people. For me, I had an overwhelming feeling of freedom and I almost didn't know where to begin. We had recently downsized, so there was plenty to do around our new home. But then what? I then began to look at my retirement wish list - start a Blog, paint, quilt, sew, organize our family photos, attend a Bible study, travel, volunteer, read ... the list was long and is still growing. I started with blocking out time for some of the things I was already involved with; I sing on Wednesday nights, so I blocked out time for practice, I joined a daytime Bible study instead of going out another night, I sew and wanted to do more with quilting, so I started with some small projects and recently have made an effort to walk every morning. It slowly came together and before I knew it, my weeks were filled with meaningful activities and feelings of accomplishment. I did though, as is my way, do my research going into retirement and found some great resources. Whether you're thinking of retirement or just retired and are struggling with your new found freedom, these resources can help you make the transition.

Books Worth Reading:


"You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream"

C. S. Lewis

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