• Phyllis Prestamo

The 2020 Holiday Season ala Social Distancing

Thanksgiving for me has always been the signal that the holiday season has begun. Thanksgiving was this past weekend and who thought that we would still be in the midst of social distancing restrictions, masks and limited in-person interactions. But we are still here and the holiday season as we have grown to know and love it will be different.

This past Sunday our Pastor spoke about this exact thing and had some really good suggestions; I have included some of my own. Different, does not need to be a bad thing and can often be a change for better.

  • According to the USPS, the sending of Holiday cards has decreased every year. Why not this year increase the number of holiday cards you send and be sure to add a message to each one. It's always great to know that someone has been thinking of them. It makes me feel excited to see a card between the barrage of store flyers in my mail box. Of course keeping in touch by Email and text can keep us connected as well. ECards are a great way to send an animated greeting and are a lot of fun to create.

  • When I was a little girl my aunt and uncle who traveled with their family in the military never forgot to send the family "back East" a holiday package. It was the highlight of Christmas afternoon to gather at my grandparents' house, open the big package and hand out the individual gifts. Not being able to see someone this year--why not send them a package of surprises.

  • Do you love baking, but don't know who will eat all those cookies? Why not share them with neighbors or someone who will not be able to be with their family this year. I know someone who cooked Thanksgiving like she usually does last week and was able to give another family an entire turkey dinner with all the fixins'.

  • Do you take a walk each day? Bring along a plastic bag and pick up trash along the way. I have been doing this at least once a week and just this week I saw a neighbor doing the same thing. Could it be catchy!

  • Do you have grandchildren that you won't be able to see? How about setting up a weekly Holiday story time and use Zoom or Facetime. Or maybe a cookie baking session, holiday craft or lighting the Hanukkah candles . My grandkids love to do this.

These are just a few suggestions for doing things "differently", but these suggestions help us focus on the positive. We know this isolation won't last forever, but it has given us a chance to reexamine how we do things, avoid the chaos of the normal holiday rush, and think of ways to keep us connected.

Blessings to you all - Phyllis

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