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What Is Skip-Gen Travel or Experiences?

Updated: Aug 17

The definition of Skip-Gen travel or experiences is simple -- traveling or spending time with grandkids, grand nieces or nephews. i.e., skipping the "middle" generation.

When I was growing up, we shared a two-family house with my paternal grandparents and I shared a very special bond with them. With my grandmother, it was everything creative; she sewed from homemade patterns, knitted and crocheted. Everything I know about sewing started with my Grandma El. With my grandfather it was going every day after school for tea and hearing about his time growing up in northern England, our Scottish heritage and his trips around the world as a crew member on a British Merchant Ship. I still remember those times very fondly and miss them. At 13, I traveled with them without my parents to California to visit family and go to Disney World, Knotts Berry Farm, and the Solvang historic area. It was the first of many times my grandparents took us on vacation with them. I saw my first Broadway shows with Grandma El and we never missed the Radio City Christmas and Easter shows.

Now as a grandmother with four grandchildren, I have made it a point to spend time with them and at least once a year one-on-one doing something special just the two of us. My husband has also decided to try it out and is loving it. Whether you are a Grandparent or a Grand Aunt or Uncle spending time with these young people benefits all:

  • Spending precious time with grandchildren or other skip-generation relatives creates a bond in a special way not always possible with parents tagging along. My 13 year old grandson has a special relationship with my husband and often shares stresses at school that he doesn't share with his parents.

  • Kids can benefit from a little special attention and a bit of "spoiling". "Ice Cream" for dinner, "cake" for breakfast--what kid wouldn't love that?

  • Parents can get a break from child care and maybe can get away themselves for a vacation or just time to re-charge. Last week we took my granddaughters for a few days, while their parents worked on some finishing touches of their new home addition. Sure the kids could have kept them selves busy, but why not give them a change of scenery and their parents time to work without feeling guilty.

  • Because Grandparents tend to have more disposable income then their children, and they certainly have more time to share, traveling with grandkids is very doable. More families than ever have two working parents and often feel stressed having young children and more stressed as their children enter the teens. This weekend my husband is taking one grandson to a golf tournament and the other will stay with me and go to a splash park. Meanwhile Mom and Dad will be busy packing their house for a move to a new home.

  • Live out-of-state? Technology has made it easier to connect with the younger generation. My grandchildren love to share videos of accomplishments, projects or just silliness. We have even started sending our own videos.

Thinking about taking a trip with the grands or even just spending the day together--- this will be time well spent and will surely be remembered for years to come. So rent that cabin, hike in the woods, book that train, share something or someplace that excited you as a kid and have fun!

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